Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling

Perhaps you’ve seen this bombshell beauty play Kelly Kapoor in the hit show The Office. Or maybe you saw her in the summer comedy This is the End. It’s possible that you’ve seen Mindy Kaling in her new show The Mindy Project, where she is not only the star but also the writer and producer. Mindy Kaling is no stranger to the entertainment business but somehow when I mention her name, people don’t seem to know who she is. How this woman managed to write for one of the most popular shows of its time (The Office), publish her own book and star in her own show and go so unnoticed is remarkable.

Mindy Kaling is the first South Asian-American to headline their own  network show. If she isn’t a sufficient role model for young women of color on the basis of that, there’s more. Kaling became a writer for The Office at twenty-four years old and was the only woman on a staff of eight. She went on to write 22 episodes and was co-nominated for an Emmy. Kaling even graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth College.

What makes Kaling’s story even more incredible is her tremendous talent. Her show The Mindy Project is an interesting take on wacky office comedy trope. Her character, Mindy Lahiri is a single gynecologist living in New York City. Her character deals with a lot of issues like weight and body-shaming, something Kaling herself is no stranger to. Controversy broke out recently over her Elle magazine cover, because many believed the magazine’s decision to only show some of Kaling’s body on the cover was an indiscreet commentary on her weight. While she might not be a size zero, Kaling and I both agree that she looks absolutely stunning.

Elle cover



The Mindy Project returns on Tuesday April 1, 2014 on Fox. You can catch Mindy on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.



Kylie Bunbury

Kylie Bunbury

Kylie Bunbury is only twenty-five years old but is already one of three leads on ABC Family’s drama Twisted. While the show is popular, the sky’s the limit for Bunbury. She originally started out as a model and was told to try acting, which seemed to be the right idea. With two supporting roles in the relatively popular films Prom and The Sitter, Bunbury landed a more prominent role in Twisted. While she isn’t the star of Twisted, many viewers find themselves invested in her character because of her incredible screen presence. She manages to transcend many of the roles typically assigned to women of color and bring life to an otherwise 2 dimensional character.

Bunbury plays Lacey Porter in Twisted, a popular straight-A student, whose best friend is murdered. Lacey has to deal with that along with the fact that her childhood best friend has just been released from prison. The show certainly has its flaws but Bunbury is able to do well with what she’s given. Twisted can be seen on ABC Family at 9/8c on Tuesdays. Bunbury can also be seen in the Abercrombie & Fitch Making of a Star Campaign.

Bunbury has her own Twitter and Instagram.

Lindsay Tuggey

Lindsay Tuggey

“I don’t wanna be ‘the bee’s knees.’ I don’t wanna be any kind of knees! I just wanna be a normal girl, with normal knees,” laments Ruby Rose (voiced by Tuggey) in the animated series RWBY. Fortunately for us Lindsay Tuggey is far from a normal girl. She’s a voice actress, dancer, video producer and editor and even a professional video game player. Tuggey works at the Austin based RoosterTeeth Productions, a company with a diverse range of content suitable for her  many talents. Roosterteeth produces podcasts, competition shows, serialized content and lots more. Tuggey’s real place to shine however is in the company’s new animated series RWBY. The series is about four women at Beacon Academy, who each have their own unique weapons and powers. The first season of the show has sixteen short episodes and can be viewed on the RoosterTeeth site or on Crunchyroll. The second season will premiere this summer.

Tuggey can also occasionally be found on both the RoosterTeeth and Internet Box podcasts. But aside from her acting what makes Lindsay Tuggey so interesting?Perhaps it’s her ability to juggle so many cool jobs and make it look effortless. Or perhaps it’s her most recent that I find so encouraging. She recently became a full-time part of Achievement Hunter (a smaller division within RoosterTeeth). Achievement Hunter consists of six men, plus Tuggey who release weekly video game related content that is always entertaining. She easily glides through the testosterone saturated video game world and makes a place for herself. Tuggey isn’t all about her femininity nor does she overcompensate with fake machismo. She’s just herself, which is why she’s so great.

Lindsay Tuggey is a great role model for women but beware, RoosterTeeth content is usually explicit. She often interacts with her fans on Twitter and the RoosterTeeth website.