Lindsay Tuggey

Lindsay Tuggey

“I don’t wanna be ‘the bee’s knees.’ I don’t wanna be any kind of knees! I just wanna be a normal girl, with normal knees,” laments Ruby Rose (voiced by Tuggey) in the animated series RWBY. Fortunately for us Lindsay Tuggey is far from a normal girl. She’s a voice actress, dancer, video producer and editor and even a professional video game player. Tuggey works at the Austin based RoosterTeeth Productions, a company with a diverse range of content suitable for her  many talents. Roosterteeth produces podcasts, competition shows, serialized content and lots more. Tuggey’s real place to shine however is in the company’s new animated series RWBY. The series is about four women at Beacon Academy, who each have their own unique weapons and powers. The first season of the show has sixteen short episodes and can be viewed on the RoosterTeeth site or on Crunchyroll. The second season will premiere this summer.

Tuggey can also occasionally be found on both the RoosterTeeth and Internet Box podcasts. But aside from her acting what makes Lindsay Tuggey so interesting?Perhaps it’s her ability to juggle so many cool jobs and make it look effortless. Or perhaps it’s her most recent that I find so encouraging. She recently became a full-time part of Achievement Hunter (a smaller division within RoosterTeeth). Achievement Hunter consists of six men, plus Tuggey who release weekly video game related content that is always entertaining. She easily glides through the testosterone saturated video game world and makes a place for herself. Tuggey isn’t all about her femininity nor does she overcompensate with fake machismo. She’s just herself, which is why she’s so great.

Lindsay Tuggey is a great role model for women but beware, RoosterTeeth content is usually explicit. She often interacts with her fans on Twitter and the RoosterTeeth website.


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