Larry Wilmore

Larry Wilmore

The recent news that Stephen Colbert would be ending his show on Comedy Central to take over for David Letterman on CBS, left people in a frenzy. Viewers wondered if The Colbert Report would end and if so, who would take his place. After weeks of speculation, it was finally announced that Larry Wilmore would replace Colbert on Comedy Central with a new show, The Minority Report. This left many people scratching their heads and asking who exactly Larry Wilmore is.

Although Wilmore seems like a new face to most people, he’s actually been acting since the 1980s. Wilmore was even on the writing staff for popular television shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and The Jamie Fox Show. More recently however he began making regular appearances on The Daily Show as Jon Stewart’s “senior black correspondent.” This position allowed to him to explore political humor through the lens of black experience in America, something that will certainly prepare him for his own show. Wilmore’s show has been in the works for while, since Jon Stewart initially proposed it. Originally the show was meant to air right after The Daily Show and the president of Comedy Central felt it would “provide an opportunity for the underrepresented voices out there.”

The Minority Report will begin airing in January of 2015. Wilmore says he is  “beyond excited to have this chance to continue my relationships with Comedy Central and the brilliant Jon Stewart.” I’m sure we’re all excited to see what Wilmore does with the new show.

You can find Larry Wilmore on his website and on Twitter.


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